live-love-volleyball said: Where is your black dress from? I love it! Btw you look awesome keep it up!:)

Thank you :) It was a gift but as soon as I ask her I’ll let you :)



Are you in? :))

These are the other fitness challenges I will be doing. 

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I really need to get this in my head. I’m definitely one of those people who eats when I’m bored…

Before: 98kgs (216lbs) Photos were taken between late 2010-2011
Current: 69kgs (152lbs) Photo taken today!
Height: 167 cm

I was always heavy and after I had my children I completely lost control of who I was. Last Christmas when I stepped on the scale I was beyond mortified. I knew I had to eat better and start being more active. At that moment I made the decision to invest in my health and start to care about myself again.

I’m working hard to maintain an active lifestyle and eat healthy. Hard work and exercise + healthy diet = 1 happy self!



always reblog every time I see it <3

Its a hard concept, believe it or not


Here are my before and after pics

Before 75kg After around 50kg. Lightest was 48kg. Want to be at 51 (currently around 54kg)

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Finally, progress pics! It doesn’t look very dramatic, but hey…it’s visible. :)



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